Turkey & Fish Fryer Boiler Steamer Kit

1. Combo Design: Either suitable to deep-fry turkey, steam seafood and boil soups, stews, jambalaya or fry fish, chicken wings, French fries and other small items.

2. High Output: 50,000 BTU cast iron burner guarantees the great power. The air control panel easily adjusts the oxygen or gas consumption for clean blue flame with insect-resistant mesh.

3. Kit Content: Includes 30 Qt. Pot with Scale Line, 10 Qt. Pot, Lid, Perforated Fryer Steamer Basket, Thermometer, Perforated Turkey Rack, Lifting Hook, Marinade Injector, Stove Stand, LP Hose and Regulator. 

4. Easy to Use: The marinade injector shortens the preparation but enhances the flavor while the thermometer helps check desired oil temperature. It is easy and safe to hook the turkey rack out after deep frying.

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Model: TFK3001

Turkey Fryer Cooking Volume: 30 QT.

Fish Fryer Cooking Volume: 10 QT.

General Description

Get together, and enjoy frying a Thanksgiving turkey, crispy seafood and fish for family celebrations and friends' visit with Creole Feast® TFK3001 30 Qt. Turkey and 10 Qt. Fish Fryer Boiler Steamer Kit! One kit solves all the hassle! It delivers 2-in-1 feature of deep frying or just steaming or boiling with water. Simply draw marinades and distribute them throughout the turkey and start your deep fry journey. With temperature thermometer to check the oil temp instantly, you can easily catch the right moment to fry your turkey or fish into crispy golden brown, let’s begin to host a grand Thanksgiving feast right now.


Model: TFK3001
Capacity: 30 QT. / 10 QT.
Assembled Dimensions: 30 Qt.:12.99”L x 12.99”W x 29.92”H / 10 Qt.:19.29”H / Pot Stand: 15.35”H
Output: 50,000 BTU (cast iron burner)
Packing Dimensions: 16.93”L x 13.78”W x 18.70”H