Single Sack Crawfish Boiler

1. Cook up a Storm: Everything from big batch of crawfish to seafood or large amount of vegetables can all be well-cooked.

2. Large Capacity: The boiler cooks up to 50 lb. of crawfish or seafood at a time with 90 qt. of dedicated cooking capacity in 30 minutes.

3. High Output2 durable jet burners generate a total of 135,000 BTU cooking power.

4. Convenient to Use: The aluminum hinged strainer basket is designed for easy dumping.

5. Extra Work Space: Foldable front table offers extra work or food prep space.

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Model: CFB1001A

Cooking Volume: 90 QT

General Description

Boil the new age way with Creole Feast® CFB1001A Single Sack Crawfish Boiler. Featuring an output of 135,000 BTU, the 90 qt. boiler holds up to 50 lb. of crawfish for the big appetites. One good thing is that the package equips with a durable stainless steel paddle, which can be used to stir your crawfish during cooking. When your crawfish is well-cooked, simply lift up the hinged strainer basket to dump them into the container via the lid. The drain valve facilitates quick and easy cleanup. Don’t hesitate, crash the crawfish season with our Creole Feast® CFB1001A Single Sack Crawfish Boiler.


Model: CFB1001A
Capacity: 90 QT.
Output: 135,000 BTU
Packing Dimensions: 33.27”L x 30.31”W x 20.47”H
Assembled Dimensions: 63.78’’L x 37.80’’W x 37.80’’H (LP mounting bracket & front table unfold)