High Heat-Resistant BBQ Gloves

1. Superior Heat & Cold Resistance: Double-layer design of outer heavy-duty rubber and inner soft cotton liner provide maximum protection for your hands.

2. Comfortable Grip: Soft polyester-cotton liner facilitates better sweat absorption and keeps your hands comfortable and cool.

3. Forearm Protection: Open long serrated sleeves are easy to pull on or off and protect your arms from oil spatter and extremely hot steam for ultimate safety.

4. Easy Cleanup: 100% waterproof smooth surface design is stain or oil resistant and easy to clean with a dish cloth or under the running water.

5. Wide Application: With our durable insulated barbecue gloves, you can slice and shred heavy turkey, handle hot greasy meats easily, move the hot grates.

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Model: TG1305

General Description

Creole Feast® TG1305 High Heat-Resistant BBQ Gloves are best helpers at any time in the outdoor grilling or indoor kitchen cooking. Easy to handle hot cast iron grates in a short time without burning your hands with heavy-duty coating. Easy to add the charcoal into the smoker without staining your hands. Make yourself as a pro adept at cutting the hot greasy meats easily just with our food-grade gloves. And there is absolutely no hassle to handle the boiling water or steam in the kitchen. Our gloves have more functions for you to find, get one pair and get this best helper.



Model: TG1305
Material: Rubber / Cotton
Color: Black
Product Size: 12.87’’L x 6.10’’W x 1.46’’H