Double Sack Crawfish Boiler

1. Strong Performance: Two durable stainless steel jet burners generate a total of 135,000 BTU which offers great cooking performance.

2. Cook up a Storm: Everything from seafood to vegetables can be well-cooked.

3. Collapsible Design: The folding mounting bracket is designed for well-organizing the LP cylinder.

4. Easy to Organize: The tube holder makes it easy to hook or hold your coiled long tube.

5. Stirring Paddle: Stainless steel paddle is used to safely stir your crawfish or seafood while cooking.

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Model: CFB2001

Cooking Volume: 150 QT

General Description

Now, it's time to kick off a crawfish boil with Creole Feast® CFB2001 Double Sack Crawfish Boiler. Everyone gathers together at the table and shares a delicious mud bug meal in season.This full-size boiler boasts cooking up to 90 lb. of crawfish or seafood at a time for gigantic appetites with 150 qt. of dedicated capacity in 30 minutes, totally suitable for feeding your hungry crowd in no time. Let's crash the crawfish season with Creole Feast® CFB2001 Double Sack Crawfish Boiler!


Model: CFB2001
Capacity: 150 QT.
Output: 135,000 BTU
Packing Dimensions: 44.49’’L x 33.07’’W x 20.47’’H
Assembled Dimensions: 74.80’’ L x 44.88’’W x 38.19’’H (LP mounting bracket & front table unfold)